Ollerton and Boughton Town Council

Kate Hiseman developed the initiative to enhance local urban open spaces for biodiversity and for public recreation.  This involved carrying out biological surveys on each site with the assistance of students of DeMontfort University students.  The aim was to identify ecological, social and heritage networks and nodes throughout the town that could be linked to create green corridors.  The town is surrounded by the landscape of Sherwood Forest and opportunities were sought to link rural and urban habitats.  In addition, the open spaces within the town were under pressure from adverse social activities and the potential loss to development. Consultation with local residents was important to determine their desires for future open space use.  The final report included the historical development of the landscape, current ecological status, including details of species/ habitats that were vulnerable, identification of threats, review of community values for each site (and their aspirations for its future management), proposals to link sites to enhance biodiversity and relieve public pressure, and finally a management plan for each site.  This was presented to Newark and Sherwood District Council, Ollerton and Boughton Town Council, members of the public and other conservation groups.  The work has since been used for assessment on planning applications, and by the local Town Council in development management plans for the sites.

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