The brief

Following an initial request to assess survey requirements for a 13.4-hectare site, in an area of multiple deprivation in South Wales, our team was deployed to advise on a range of ecological and green infrastructure tasks.

What we did
  • Calculated the ecological footprint of current & future site developments;
  • Performed an extended phase 1 habitat survey + preliminary ecological appraisal;
  • Identified areas of biological sensitivity;
  • Identified areas for ecological enhancement, particularly rare habitats e.g. lowland aci heathland, purple moor grass, & ancient woodland;
  • Partnered with the architect to design a fully integrated zero carbon dwelling, embedded within the landscape;
  • Created a One Planet strategy;
  • Protected the rare and endangered species/habitats on site.
Project status
  • Currently in pre-application stage of development.
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